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ETO, NA ŽALOST, NIKO SE NIJE UDOSTOJIO NAPISATI NA NAŠEM JEZIKU NEŠTO O ĐURI. Branko Đurić - Đuro (born May 28, 1962) is an actor and director from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Đurić was born in Sarajevo. He rose to prominence throughout the former Yugoslavia with the hit comedy series Top lista nadrealista in the 1980s. Đuro became something of an epitome for a Bosnian person, especially due to his accent and slang. Notable films where he appeared have included: Time of the Gypsies (1988) (Dom za vešanje) The Fall of Rock and Roll (1989) (Kako je propao rokenrol) No Man's Land (2001) (Ničija zemlja) Cheese and Jam (2003) (Kajmak in marmelada) Currently, Ðurić lives and works in Slovenia, where he leads the Theatre 55, a film producing company. He also works in Croatia, where he has a TV show Pet minuta slave (Five minutes of fame) at Nova TV, as well as the comedy series Naša mala klinika (Our little clinic).

25/11/2005 17:54